Monday, September 29, 2008

See you at Faerie Con 2008!


Faericon brings magic of Faerieworlds, the West Coast’s premiere mythic music festival, to the East Coast. Array yourself in your most beautiful faerie finery, don your wings, gather your friends and family and cross the threshold! Once inside, you will find the largest gathering of faerie artists and authors in the world who look forward to meeting you, amazing, magical apparel, beautiful jewelry, mysterious masks, handmade crafts, fashion shows, performers, musicians, storytellers, exhibitions, panel and workshops.

And at night, the gates of Faerie open once more at the Good Faerie and Bad Faerie Masquerade Balls at the Famous Trocadero Theater, acclaimed last year as the astounding highlight of FaerieCon. Look deep into your heart: are you a Good Faerie or are you a Bad Faerie? Make your choice, create your costume, and dance the night away in the Magical Realm.

Last year, FaerieCon presented the US premiere performances by the acclaimed German bands, Qntal and Estampie, who delivered show stopping sets. This year, we present the US Premiere performances by the celebrated Dutch Celtic band, Omnia, the magical Spanish Faerie musician, Priscilla Hernandez and the return of Faerieworlds and Faeriecon headlining favorite, Woodland.
We believe that the revitalizing, healing and transforming spirit of faerie is alive and moving actively in our lives: faerie inspires and provokes, heals and reveals, illuminates and transcends. At FaerieCon, we invite you to enter the Realm as your magical self and release the beautiful, faerie spirit that shines inside of you!

Surrender to the glamour of faerie and join us!

In the words of internationally acclaimed faerie artist, Brian Froud:

“To dress as a faerie, donning wings, is to actively join in the dance, to be connected to creative spirit. Graceful or ecstatic dance; the radiant, rhythmic heartbeat; friendship; music; all these move easily across the boundaries, transcending language, race, and time. Such activities extend a joyful hand across the threshold. At Faerieworlds, we ring the bells of faerie invitation. The people come. More importantly, the faeries come too.”

Come and answer the call!


(text from the Faerie Con website)

Selina Fenech has New Art

We want your Fairy Fan Art!

Hello everyone!

I am thinking about adding a new page to my website Enchanted Designs called either Fan Art or Private Collection.

I want pictures of your fairy and or mermaid collections!

What do you do with your fairies after you buy them? Do you display your fairies proudly after you collect them? Do you show them off in a china cabinet? On a shelf? On a table? What room of your house?

Take a picture of your collections and send them to me at please put "Fan Art" in the subject line.

I will add them to my new page to share with all like minded fairy lovers.

I also need a vote on what to name the new gallery! I have came up with Fan Art or Private Collection. If you have a better idea I would love to hear it!

I look forward to seeing your lovely collections!

P.S. If you know of other fairy lovers please forward this email to them also. We don't want them to miss out on the fun!

Enchanted Designs

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nene Thomas Fluttering Magic Butterfly Fairy Figurine Collection

Enchanting Fantasy Artist Nene Thomas Fairy Figurine Collection a First! Fairy-Art Luminaries Set Each Collectible Aglow! - You'll treasure fantasy artist Nene Thomas's art in a whole new way with this lovely collection of captivating and magical butterfly figurines. These breathtaking fairies bring wonder, romance, and fresh floral delight to this uniquely illuminated collection, starting with Issue One, Amethyst Haze. Soon this sparkling collectible will be joined by Issue Two, Silken Sapphire and additional fairy figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡These handcrafted, hand-painted Nene Thomas fairy figurines are Bradford Editions exclusives. Each one is paired with her own sculpted votive holder, which lights up at the flip of a switch to create a unique candle-like glow. Magnificent faces, fantasy ensembles, and glorious colors give each fairy in the collection a unique look and personality. Let these fairy art luminaries ignite your imagination in your home! Fantasy artist Nene Thomas art collectibles are always welcomed with heavy demand. Don't wait; order now! *** Express Shipping Available ***

Nene Thomas Fairy Flags Outdoor Collection

Nene Thomas Fairy Flags Collection: Decorative Outdoor Fairy Art Flags

Nene Thomas Fairy Art Featured for the First Time in a Decorative Fairy Art Flags Collection That Inspires You to Believe! - Let your imagination take flight on the wings of fairies to enchanting lands where anything is possible. An decorative fairy art flags collection exclusively from The Hamilton Collection starts your journey, beginning with Issue One, Believe. Graced with the entrancing dreams of acclaimed fntasy artist Nene Thomas' fairy art, your mythical flight will soon continue with Issue Two, Hope, and subsequent issues of decorative fairy art flags, each a separate issue to follow.‡Captivating fairy art home and garden decor, each decorative fairy art flag in this collection is constructed of durable waterproof polyester with a shimmering satin finish, and Nene Thomas' fairy art is accompanied by an elegantly scripted inspirational affirmation. Machine washable and fade resistant, every issue in this outdoor decorative flags collection creates equally stunning effects inside your home. Don't let this visionary fairy dream escape you. Strong demand is expected. Order now! *** Express Shipping Available

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pumpkin Pixie's & Fairies by Emma Marlow


Autumn Fairies Fall Pumpkin Fairy Art

Autumn Fairies, Fall Sprites and Playful Pumpkin Pixies

Autumn is my favorite season... the leaves start to change colors to burnt oranges, yellows and reds. The weather cools and I look forward to going to the pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin. I light my hazelnut scented candles and get out all of my fall decorations. This autumn collection is great for changing out tired displays and giving a fresh look to any room during the crisp autumn months. We recommend displaying your artwork in collections rather than hanging only one piece of artwork by itself. This way it will make more of a statement.
Be sure to check out Enchanted Designs this season for your fall decorating needs!

Linda Ravenscroft Ceramic Fairy Fantasy Wall Tiles

Linda Ravenscroft has alot of different Exclusive fantasy fairy ceramic wall tiles to choose from. These tiles are only available through Linda's website.

Images to choose from:

A Touch of Frost

Blue Moon



Eye to Eye

Faerie Muse

The Green Man

The Grey Lady

It's Just a Scratch


Tears of Luna


The Mystic Garden

Phoenix Rising


The Goblin Tree

The Marked One

Morning Rose


Nothing to Do Faerie

Image availablity may change.

Linda Ravenscroft Porcelain Fairy Pendants

Exclusive Fairy Fantasy Pewter & Porcelain Pendants by Linda Ravenscroft

These beautiful porcelain and pewter celtic design pendants, are hand crafted at Linda's own studio, each piece is unique and comes complete with a black silk ribbon cord, which extends from 17" to 20" length.

The porcelain oval and image is 40mm x 30mm, making the complete size of the pendant aprox 60mm/2 and a quater inches, each one is individually signed on the reverse by Linda.
The pendants are presented with a special certificate, in a quality gift box or a luxury sattin pouch. (dependant upon availability).

£20.00 each- limited stock!!!

"A very special and magical gift for any one with fairy spirit"
These fairy necklaces are only available at Linda's Website. She has so many wonderful designs to choose from. Enjoy!

Linda Ravenscroft Exclusive Coffee Mugs

Linda Ravenscroft has 10 NEW Exclusive Fairy Fantasy Coffee Mug designs available only on her website.

With the cold weather arriving I wanted to let you know about these gorgeous mugs.

The designs she has available are:

The Tears of Luna

Goblin Tree

The Faerie Muse

The Marked One

The Grey Lady

Phoenix Rising

Eye to Eye

Go Green

Nothing to do


Let her know that Emma from Enchanted Designs sent you!

Katerina Koukiotis Featured Artist Sept. 2008

Katerina Koukiotis, is a self taught traditional fantasy artist from N.Y.
Her style of art is realism, she loves fantasy art because it's fun and magical and portrait art because she likes capturing peoples expressions and emotions.

Loves drawing and painting many different subjects mermaids, angels, faeries, spiritual, Christian/ religious, Gothic/dark fantasy imagery, portraits, mythology, etc...

Her primary art mediums are graphite pencils, watercolor, color pencils, pastels and acrylics. Her artworks can be found on many licensed products such as cross stitch patterns, scented candles, tubing/graphing, She also sells her own prints and bookmarks through her website and other online stores that carry her artworks. Her work has been published in several books. Katerina also accepts commissions requests and has completed numerous commissions for clients.

Please visit her website at where you will find all of her fantasy and portraiture artworks which are available as prints and originals for sale.

Thank you so much for all your interest and support in my art
With all my love

Visit Katerina's Website at:

View Katerina's slideshow here:

Jennifer Nilsson Featured Artist Sept. 2008

About the Artist:

I am a mother of two great teen sons, the wife to the BEST hubby ever, the caregiver for our infant niece, the keeper of a menagerie of critters, and a child of God...the first and best creator of all!

I still live in the same small town I was raised in and although it has grown into a busy, noisy little place, I would have a hard time calling any other place home.

I love tang, pizza, puffin'corn...and every other 'not-so-healthy-snack' out there, but I'm working hard to change that. =)

I count my family and many friends among the sweetest blessings that God has ever given me!

And I credit several close artist friends for being a constant source of encouragement and for mentoring me along the way. Thank you Holly, Carmen, Lisa and Sara!

How it began:

My introduction to art and illustration came at an early age. As a young girl, summers were spent with my grandmother at her shop of handcrafted wonders in Eagles Mere, PA. An artist of portraits, landscapes, and needlepoint design, Gramma McHenry offered patient guidance and an abundance of encouragement, showing me that there was a magical world waiting in the mind of an artist and in the eye of the viewer and that talents were a God-given gift not to be wasted.

About the art:

The main bulk of my work is created with a mixture of watercolor, colored pencils and acrylics on either Stonehenge or Montval cold press. The paintings generally range in size from ACEO's (2.5"x3.5") to 8"x10", but I have worked larger and SMALLER.

Currently, on the drawing board, is a piece measuring 9"x21 1/8".

Mainly, my subjects fall into the fantasy realm...unicorns, dragons, fairies and mermaids and the beloved Mouser-kins™ , a character line that I have developed and am having great fun working with.

I also work as a freelance children 's illustrator, in various styles and mediums, for both print and online publications.

The only rule I like to follow when creating ANYTHING is that...the final piece...has to make someone SMILE!

Visit Jennifer Nilsson's Website at:

View a slideshow of Jennifer's Art:

September Featured Artists

Enchanted Designs Features various Fantasy Artists each month.

September 2008

Jennifer Nilsson
Katerina Koukiotis

Are you a fantasy artist and would like to be featured on my site? We invite you to take a look at our current featured artists and email us with your request.