Saturday, December 8, 2007

Do you want your site listed?

I’m excited to introduce the sections of our site where we PROMOTE YOU!

Our mission here at Fairy Inspired is to help fairy lovers find the best stuff out there on the Net. And since you, our readers, are busy creating great sites, and the art that has Inspired Us, we want to help spread the word.

So we have created sections where we feature Fairy themed Stores (Shopping Directory), Artists Websites and Blogs.

It’s FREE - we just ask that you provide a link back to either Fairy Inspired or our store Enchanted Designs. For blogs, the link can be a static blogroll link or a button on your sidebar. For websites and stores, we will work out an appropriate location once you contact us. Please Note: your Free listing will be listed at To be listed here on our Blog site please keep reading.

You can read more about it below, and then just fill out our short Link Request form to let us know you’re interested. We’ll email you the details. (We’ll try to reply within a day or two. If you don’t hear from us, send another message in case the spam filters caught our email to you.)You can find these three sections in the far right column under the ‘Start Here’ heading.

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Browse our Fantasy Artists Websites which includes plenty of Fairy Pictures, fantasy themed content sites, whimsical shopping sites and websites of great faery resources for your websites and personal use.

Shop at Fairy themed Stores in our (Shopping Directory) that features Internet stores run by Moms and fairy lovers just like you.

It is free to have your site listed in these sections, although we do appreciate it if join our newsletter and provide a link to either Fairy Inspired or one of our stores. When we arrange your listing we can work out an appropriate location on your site for the link. (We ask that the links are not on a links page.)

We also have a Shopping Directory where we list Fairy themed Stores. To be listed in this Shopping Directory, we do ask for a couple of other links. We will make arrangements for links when we set up your listing.

If you would like your site listed in any of these feature listings or directories, simply fill out the comment form and we’ll arrange it.

Do you want to be a Featured Link?

We do ask that our link be on your front page, and a small donation to our site for our services.

You will get your link on this site and a full page section on this blog site We also send out an email to everyone on our list with details about your site. That is alot of promotion for your site!

For our blog listings, for example, Our Fairy Themed Stores we include for each site a:

Hyperlinked photo

This could be a picture of anything… you or anything else. It is something to catch people’s attention and get them to click on your blog.

Site title

Link with custom anchor text

This type of link is very powerful because it is in the middle of a paragraph that has your keywords on either side of it. Also, it has natural sounding anchor text, which includes your keywords, and is different than just your site name.

A link to a Full Page Interview or Description of your site

For your blog, you can answer some “Interview” questions. And for websites and stores, you can write a full page description of your site in the style of an “Inside Scoop Editorial“. These pages can include photos and links to your whatever pages of your site you wish. This is a great chance to link to several internal pages of your website.

Please feel free to pass on the word to all the fairy lovers you know who would like extra promotion for their website or blog.