Monday, January 21, 2008

Fairy Checks by Nene Thomas, Amy Brown & Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Amy Brown Magic & Mischief Fairy Checks
Amy Brown Magic & Mischief Fairy Checks
Jasmine Becket Griffith Gothlings Checks
Jasmine Becket Griffith Gothlings Checks
Nene Thomas Chance Encounters Checks
Nene Thomas Chance Encounters Checks
Fantasy Art Check Designs Fill Every Day with Enchantment - Invite magical adventures into your life with the Chance Encounters checks from Bradford Exchange Checks(R)! Four fantasy art check designs by acclaimed artist Nene Thomas carry you away to enchanted forests filled with beautiful fairies prancing steeds and flying wonders including ravens owls and dragons. Each check you write will cast its own spell - just think of the magical treasures you may discover!

Nene Thomas Mischief Makers Fairy Checks
Nene Thomas Mischief Makers Fairy Checks
Spread a little fairy dust and fun wherever you go with these whimsical Nene Thomas fairy art checks, available exclusively from Bradford Exchange Checks®! Four different designs feature gossamer fairies in flight, each with jewel-toned wings and matching costumes spilling over with ribbons and romantic ruffles. Fluttering butterflies and ethereal background in hues of blue, pink, yellow and purple complete each magical image. Now Ms. Thomas's intricately detailed and lush portraits of exquisite fairies can become a part of your everyday reality!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Queen of Hearts by Renee Biertempfel

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Abstract Blue Mermaid by Emma Marlow

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My Faery Space

I have discovered a cool new social media website just for us fairy lovers! You can check it out here:

You can create a profile and post on forum topics.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free Game Downloads Fairies & More!


My Game Space Home Page

Monday, January 14, 2008

These Woods by Linda Bergkvist

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Win a Trip to Hawaii and more!

Enter to win a tropical getaway for two, courtesy of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau and the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. The trip includes a five-night stay for two at the Marriott plus round-trip airfare. (Value: $ 4975.00)
Visit the Country Living Website to enter for this trip and many more goodies!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Fairy Box charity

The Fairy Box charity exists to help support ill children in hospital,their families, and the medical and nursing staff involved in their care.

At the heart of the charity’s work is the Fairy Box itself – a themed gift box which sits on the children’s wards and which is filled with small gifts of books, toys, and games - lovingly donated - so that parents, medical and nursing staff caring for ill children can have access to a gift to help dry the tears of a child who is feeling sad or blue in hospital – and so help them on the road to recovery. Medical and nursing staff are increasingly supportive of using the Fairy Box to help dry tears when a child has had to undergo a difficult or upsetting treatment.

When so many specialist services for seriously ill children are centralised in centres – sometimes many miles from home - it is not always possible for parents to have the means, time or access, to find a gift for their child to help them through a difficult period, especially when they may be on duty by their child’s bedside, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Fairy Box is inspired by the real-life story of how the ancient world of fairy found modern expression through a new world called the “internet” and, in so doing, helped to lift the spirits of a seriously ill child - over and over again - giving her new strength to endure another day of hospital treatment and so making that day a day closer to going home.

For some, believing in fairies may seem far away from the reality of childhood cancer, but for one seriously ill child, believing in fairies became a lifeline throughout long spells in hospital. Eleven-year-old Aimee Butler endured countless rounds of painful and exhausting cancer treatments, worrying infections and setbacks, as she lives with leukaemia.

Since coming into her life three years ago fairy artists and fairy enthusiasts who connected with her through the internet have brought new friends and companionship from all corners of the world who steadfastly and regularly support her.

Many fairy artists have been inspired by Aimee to create new works named after her or showing her fairy light. An especially stunning tribute was recently gifted to Aimee by the very talented UK fantasy artist Josephine Wall. This new work, entitled “Fairy Lights”, for Aimee symbolises all of the fairy love and support which has surrounded her and continues to support her today. See Josephine's work:
From Aimee’s experience, the Fairy Box charity seeks to open an enchanting doorway to bring more of this special magic to so many more ill children in hospital.
If you would like to support an existing, or help establish, a Fairy Box, please do get in touch. Email:

Ángel de los Muertos by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mermaid Themed Kitchen or Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you are like me, your kitchen is less than inspiring. I had an epiphany today about what to do with my bland kitchen. It is in the need for an update but like many other people, we have a limited budget. My love for mermaids and all things from the sea has brought me to this. In a perfect world I would love to paint my kitchen into an Underwater Mermaid World.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Ceiling: I think the ceiling would be cool painted as though I am on the ocean floor looking up to the waters surface above. The sunlight reflecting on the waves. Possibly a surfer going by on his surfboard.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Backsplash: My tiled backsplash would be sponge painted over with muted greens and blues. I would then go over it with a colored foil treatment to add sparkle and shine.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Counter: My counter top is a white printed formica (from the 70's). I would probaly paint it to look like a sandy destination, more natural (nothing solid). Now if I wanted to completely change out the counter top I might choose a light stained concrete with bits of sand or river rocks to have a more natural feel.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Lighting: Now this is the easy part... I envision a white sea shell encrusted chandalier above my dining area. Maybe I would drape foe seaweed from them as well (remember we are in an underwater world). The other lighting can be altered with sea shells and such also. Don't forget about under counter lighting... what about green or blue? Looking for a Mermaid Themed Nightlight? These are cool if you are looking for something unique.

  • Mermaid Kitchen Cabinets: I would probaly paint them in different hues of greens and blues. I think a mermaid or two would look awesome painted on them as well with a few under sea creatures to keep them company. Maybe a few sea turtles could keep them company. Dont' forget about the cabinets hardware... I have seen pewter sea shell knobs and drawer handles. They look like different sea shell types and starfish. Very Cool!

  • Mermaid Kitchen Wall Art: What mermaid world we be complete without the star of the show... more mermaids! I have seen mermaids sitting in wine glasses and lots of other great mermaid pictures to use for this room. My favorites are by David Delamare and Jade Bengco.

  • Mermaid Decor: Of course you would want lots of seashells, coral, fishnets, anything beachy. I suggest displaying a starfish or two in your window sill and placing lots of shells in glass bowls to further this natural beach theme.

  • Mermaid Bathroom: Here is a link for some great looking toilet handles with a nautical flair. They have mermaids, dolphins, lighthouses and etc...

  • Beach Cottage Dishes: Here is a link for some great looking sea shell and nautical dishes.

Morning Coffee Mermaid by Renae Taylor

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Amy Brown Spirited Fairies Charm Bracelet

The magical romance of fairies fascinates us! Now, you can travel to a land of enchantment where all things are possible with this incredible fairy charm bracelet, inspired by the artwork of renowned fantasy artist Amy Brown. This sterling silver-plated jewelry showcases five exquisite fairy charms accented in colorful enamel shades and sparkling with genuine Swarovski® crystals.

Enjoy the allure of fairies with this striking fairy charm bracelet, available only from The Bradford Exchange. This charm bracelet includes two crystal-framed star charms that are beautifully engraved on the reverse side with the sentiments "Believe" and "Imagine." Swarovski crystal briolettes delicately hang between each charm. Makes a cherished keepsake for you and a breathtaking fairy jewelry gift for her. Strong demand is expected, and you won't want to miss out. Order now!
Fairy charms include: "Night Spirit," "Fire Flier," "Water Nymph," "Fire Fairy" and "Moon Sprite"

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Amy Brown Cloak of Stars Wall Decor

Amy Brown Believe Collectible Purple Fairy Wall Decor

Collectible Fairy Wall Decor Casts a Tantalizing Spell! This piece is called "Cloak of
" an Exclusive Limited Edition Inspired by Fantasy Artist Amy Brown! - Let your imagination take flight!
This stunning collectible fairy wall decor art showcases crystalline wings glittering with starlight as she gracefully floats upon the shadows and mist of midnight. Teased by a whispering wind, her flowing cape billows out, revealing a reflection of her own wistful spirit.
Don't miss this chance to follow her to a realm of wonder, where all things are possible if you just Believe! Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, this limited-edition purple fairy decoration is inspired by the work of renowned fantasy artist Amy Brown.
You'll be amazed at the hand-cast, hand-painted 2D and 3D details of this exotic fairy sculpture. Enchantingly detailed from its dazzling wings of sparkling crystalline to Ms. Brown's magical fairy portrait reproduced in vivid hues and enhanced by the word, "Believe."
Don't wait to fall under the tantalizing spell of this fine collectible fairy wall decor, or to give it as a mesmerizing collectible fairy gift - strong demand is expected! Order now! *** Express Shipping Available ***

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Fairy Glamour by Selina Fenech

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pirate Boys Bedding by Olive Kids

Your young swashbucklers will go overboard with Olive Kids Pirates products. A treasure chest full of gold, Pirate ships, maps and even sharks await those willing to venture into any room decorated with these pirate treasures!
Pirates, sailing ships, maps and treasures, what more could a kid ask for. Olive Kids Pirate bedding offers it all. There's a cast of pirate characters, from the Captain with a hook to the matey with an eyepatch. The ships are colorful with big masts and cannons. Pirate kids bedding is great for the beach house or sleepovers.
The comforter is a giant treasure map with sharks, whales islands with tresaure chests and a compass for lost adventurers. The Pirate kids bedding line has lots of kids room accessories to make your kids room a favorite destination!
This pirate bedding collection comes in a variety of sizes. They even carry todder bedding! Do you need all of the accessories to go with this bedding? Olive Kids carry wallpaper cutouts, framed prints, clocks, placemats and mush more!

Olive Kids bedding, wall art, and more

Click on any of the above pictures to view and purchase this whimsical pirate bedding!

Mermaid Girls Bedding by Olive Kids

Colorful mermaids swimming in an undersea paradise inhabited by seashells, sea horses, crabs and a school of fish. The coordinating print has gentle ocean waves with lots of cute bubbles.

Little girls will love this charming design. Olive Kids Mermaids have beautiful enchanting Mermaids swimming in a fun underwater world. Their turqouise kingdom is filled with colorful sea creatures including seahorses, turtles, crabs, shells and lots of bubbles. All the Mermaids have flowing hair and colorful tops and tales. Its a wonderful world for your little Mermaid!

Brand New!! Olive Kids newest design is here! This beautiful comforter has a sea of friendly, colorful mermaids floating on a light blue ocean background. Outline stitching around the Mermaids makes them “pop” of the comforter – An Olive Kids exclusive! The reverse is a coordinating light blue with small, multicolored bubbles. Our comforter is 100% cotton. It’s soft, warm, and has a light weight fill; oh so comfortable for your little ones!

Olive Kids bedding, wall art, and more

Olive Kids even offer matching mermaid accessories, rugs, curtains, framed prints, posters, clocks, placemats, doorpulls, a growth chart, floor pillow and many items that can be customized with your little mermaids name!

Just click on any of the above pictures to view or purchase the girls mermaids bedding collection.

Fairy Jewelry by Peter Stone

Peter Stone Sterling Silver Jewelry

Jewelry, created with passion, has the power to captivate its beholder. It is the reason some jewelry is passed down from generation to generation. The Peter Stone Company believes in passion, and each piece of jewelry made is a reflection of this. It is from the hearts of our craftsmen that the jewelry begins to take shape, and from the pride they have in their work that only fine quality pieces are created.

Peter Stone offers thier quality jewelry by many known fantasy artists: Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, Selina Fenech, Linda Biggs, Jasmine Becket-Griffith and many others. You can find many great necklaces, earrings, rings, and much more.

To purchase or view more jewelry by any of the above artists just click on any of the pictures.
To ensure the quality of his product, The Peter Stone Company purchases raw silver and produces the true .925 alloy in his own factory. Peter also personally buys the different gems necessary for their various designs. All rings are cast to size and craftsmen cut and inlay each stone for a perfect fit. Every piece of jewelry created is hand polished, not tumble polished. The difference is noticeably visible and shows the care and pride taken in each individual piece.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Laini's Ladies Decoupage Fairies

Laini Taylor
Portland artist Laini Taylor created a wonderful hand made line of home decor ornaments called Lamp Ladies. "I first started calling these whimsical ornaments Lamp ladies because I liked hanging them from my desk lamp for inspiration while I worked on my art and writing?, says Laini, "but they can bring whimsy to any number of places, not just lamps!"

Laini's Garden Stakes feature her charming Garden Ladies printed in full color, front and back, on durable metal. All have a garden-related quote and feature bells, beads and added elements. The ladies are attached to green stakes, with a double forked end for stability. They are 24" total in height, with the ladies approximately 9". "Weeds" quote - "Make no mistake. The weeds will win. Nature always bats last." -Robert M. Pyle.

Laini's Ladies will flutter their way into your hearts with inspiration for hither and thither. From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes, they are adorned with sparkling beads, wire and ribbon. This full line of everyday adornments, magnets, beveled pads and greeting cards will put the magic back in your day.

"I first started calling these whimsical ornaments "Lamp Ladies" because I liked hanging them from my desk lamp for inspiration while I worked on my art and writing" says artist Laini Taylor, "But they can bring whimsy to any number of places, not just lamps!". Laini began creating these beautiful works of art oneby- one in her art studio in Portland Oregon and selling them at the local art fair. Demand soon outnumbered supply for these popular little creations and the rest is history.

Laini's Ladies adornments are printed on a heavy cardstock and then coated with a thick, clear lacquer for a deep jewel-like finish. These decoupage style adornments feature inspiring quotes with the collage-style art. They are approximately 9" high, and are printed on the front and back. They come with wire and beads and a brightly colored ribbon. The quotes and images are just beautiful for many types of occasions. There are 12 styles to choose from, all individually packaged. They retail for $11.95.

The cards feature a brightly colored card with an arched window from which hangs a miniature lady complete with beads and ribbon. There are currently 12 styles, matching the adornments. They come sleeved and have a manila "string and button" envelope. The cards retail for $3.50.

Laini's Garden Ladies
by: Laini Taylor

Laini's Garden Chimes feature her charming Garden Ladies printed in full color, front and back, on durable metal. All have a garden-related quote and feature beads and wire. The chimes are aluminum tubes, tuned for different tones. They are 18" total in height, with the ladies approximately 4".

"Believe" quote - "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Available at Enchanted Designs!
You can visit thier website at:
Candles coming soon!