Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lilypie Free Kids Tickers for your site!

Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker

They have so many to choose from for boys and girls and for different occasions!

Lilypie Kids birthday Ticker

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fairy Inspired Design Studio, Premade Fairy Websites

Welcome to my Fairy Inspired Design Studio, specializing in Feminine
Web Design, Boutique Web Design and Fairy Girly Web Design Graphics. In need of
a hip, fun & feminine web designer? Whether you need a hip, couture website
design or even a not so girly web design, we can help!

Premade Girly Chic Fairy Web Design that is perfect for many different
types of businesses or
boutiques! Our ultra feminine designs are great if
you are on a tight budget but
interested in giving your on-line store a very
special look that will appeal to
your potential customers? Our Premade
Shabby Chic Fairy Boutique Web
Templates may be just right for
you! These girly web templates are a super
easy and affordable way to
give your boutique business a quick make-over. Also
available for use with
hosting by http://www.pappashop.com/.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

David Delamare Sculpted Art Tiles

NEW! David Delamare's Fairies as Sculpted Impressions Art Tiles

We are proud to carry this new line of magically glazed art tiles by fantasy artist David Delamare. The striking image is caused by a translucent kiln-fired glaze applied onto a highly detailed carving etched in fine porcelain. The glaze pools in the deeper areas of the carving, appearing darker, and flows off the raised areas of the carving, revealing the white porcelain underneath. This produces a stunning range of shades with nearly photographic detail. The effect is almost magical, the surface is smooth and almost flat, but the image is crisp and shows great three-dimensional depth.

David Delamare has only given his permission to produce his images on the
highest quality products. Each fairy tile is 6x6 inches in size with an easel
back and hanger for wall display. It also features a black velvet backing to
prtect your walls and furniture. Each tile comes enclosed in a white gift box
perfect for gift giving!

Faerie Glen Nightlights at Enchanted Designs!

I just recieved my first shipment of Faerie Glen Nightlights after purchasing
them sight unseen. I was so amazed at the size of each fairy and the box each
nightlight comes in. Munro went out of thier way to make you feel special when
you purchase thier nightlights. I must say I was impressed not only with the
gift box it came in but with the quality of each nightlight as well.

Faerie Glen Nightlights by Munro Gifts are now available at Enchanted Designs. These fantastic looking nightlights feature a fairy figurine atop a nightlight base. What a great value for your money. It is like getting two gifts for the price of one. The fairies wings are sprinkled with sparkling pixie dust to bring magic to any room. Each Fairy Nightlight is approximately 6 inches in size and has an internal glow when lit. You will be amazed at how large each fairy is and the quality of each nightlight is outstanding! Your Faerie Glen Nightlight will arrive in a nicely decorated gift box perfect for gift giving.

Pixie Princess Tutu Fairy Dress Up Costume

Pixie Princess Tutu Costume

Pixie Princess Tutu Costume

Once upon a time in a land where emerald grass touched turquoise skies, this line was created for the whimsical princess in us all. A mother's desire to make dreams come true led to its creation. This artisan lets the princess in all of us live happily ever after. Inspired by her own little prima ballerinas, the perfect tutu was created. Handcrafted from over seventy yards of premium tulle and hand-embellished to create an heirloom your "dancer" or little "princess" will cherish forever.
A great designer piece that will serve as an everlasting heirloom! This refined fairy costume is full of fun and whimsy. Includes pixie cut multicolored tutu in shades of lavender, pale pink and mint green. This exquisite tutu is handcrafted from over seventy yards of premium tulle. In addition to tutu, costume also features fanciful crown, wand and wings. Leotard not included.
Packaged in a lovely, bright pink box.
  • Small 12-24 months
  • Medium 2-4 years
  • Large 5-7 years
{Please note: Wings are slightly smaller than pictured.}
Price: $90.00 (Click on image above to buy and for more details.)