Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jasmine Becket Griffith April 2008 Featured Artist

We have made a slide show of Jasmine's artwork including some of her newer works. Click the link above to view her slideshow!

We hope you Enjoy! Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a world-renowned fantasy artist. Born in 1979, she has spent the last decade (all of her adult life) working as a fine artist, painting traditionally by hand with acrylic paints (typically either on wood or canvas). Her artwork can be found in private collections and public displays throughout the world. Jasmine's paintings blend realism with wide-eyed wonder - exploring gothic themes, with elements of classical literature, the occult, nature and fantasy. It is her goal as an artist to bring a little bit of magic into the mundane world. Jasmine's paintings appear in countless books and magazines as well as many television shows & movies, advertisements, tattoo parlours, themeparks, and of course her extensive range of merchandise. Jasmine's official website and online gallery can be seen at and she also has an eBay store under the seller ID strangeling. She lives in the beautiful city of Celebration, Florida with her husband/assistant Matt and their cats Azrael and Mama Wolf.

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Katrina said...

Check out Jasmine's art collab with ArtsProjekt through Zazzle. Unique iPhone/iPad cases! woooo