Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fairy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

I have came up with some ideas for those of you looking for a Fairy Inspired Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party.

I don't know how involved you want to get with this theme so here goes...

1. You can buy our fairy cards to use as her invitations to this party (we do take special orders).
2. A fairy print or poster could work as a guestbook. You can have everyone sign it as they arrive so she has a keepsake to frame of the event.
3. You can have everyone dress up like a fairy or ask them to dress up in a nice ball gown and reserve the fairy wings only for your daughter.
4. Make sure you have a nice fantasy or garden like backdrop for pictures.
5. If the sky is the limit, an evening carriage ride for guests and the birthday girl would be so fairytale like.
6. If the party is going to have male guests ask that they dress accordingly also, in suits or something nice.
7. For the cake you can have a tall one with tiers and a fairy figurine or a fairy ornament sitting on top.

If you are wanting something more casual...

1. You can have a fairy tea party. Use the ideas from 1 and 2 above.
2. Everyone can dress up in a skirt or dress and the birthday girl can wear fairy wings.
3. You can have the girls take turns painting each other's faces like a fairy with sparkles and such.
4. Another option is to have fairy temporary tattoos for them to use.
5. For the decorations think flowers and garden style.
6. They can even picnic on the floor if you have a nice blanket or something for them to sit on.

These are just some ideas for you to use. I actually did the casual fairy tea party for my girls birthday. It was a hit. (Of course my girls are much younger and they had everyone dress up like their favorite princess).

I hope this helps!


Porcelain Cameo Pendant said...

hi dear
Really your cards helped me, i am telling you how it was, ME and my husband were planning to set up a party at my home, at that time we were very confused which invitation cards would be the best for us , at last we finalized the fairy cards,it was magnificent for us.