Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fairy Jewelry?

You (my customers) said you are looking for fairy jewelry, around what price would you be willing to pay for the jewelry? I am asking this because I have seen some real quality pieces but they would of course be more expensive than the more costume type. I carry Selina Fenech's antique cameo pendants and these are gorgeous and high quality. I have also ordered cheaper necklaces by another company before and the lower quality shows. (the cameo images were not centered before they were glued and such.) I have discontinued those necklaces. Now, I am thinking about carrying Jessica Galbreth's Beautiful Vanities. These are high quality cameo style necklaces with hand beaded necklaces. Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Here are the details about the Beautiful Vanities:

Welcome to our Beautiful Vanities beaded necklace gallery, home to our beautiful
fantasy, new age and fairy jewelry! Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by
the artist...making them truly unique! Here you'll find Jessica's handcrafted,
Swarovski crystalbeaded pendants, each boasting a large, porcelain
cameofeaturing one of her images! The beautiful beading is customcreated
to perfectly match the image. Jessica also hand signs the back of each
cameo, making them special keepsakes! We have two lengths available to suit most
sizing needs:16" Long: This is our most popular size, and will fall just at the
collar bone on most women.20" Long: This size is for those with larger necks, or
for those who wish to wear their necklace outside of sweaters, etc. From $39.95 -
(depending on length) Beautiful gift box included at no cost!

I appreciate your feedback! After all, I wouldn't be here without you, my customers!