Thursday, February 5, 2009

David Delamare Sculpted Art Tiles

NEW! David Delamare's Fairies as Sculpted Impressions Art Tiles

We are proud to carry this new line of magically glazed art tiles by fantasy artist David Delamare. The striking image is caused by a translucent kiln-fired glaze applied onto a highly detailed carving etched in fine porcelain. The glaze pools in the deeper areas of the carving, appearing darker, and flows off the raised areas of the carving, revealing the white porcelain underneath. This produces a stunning range of shades with nearly photographic detail. The effect is almost magical, the surface is smooth and almost flat, but the image is crisp and shows great three-dimensional depth.

David Delamare has only given his permission to produce his images on the
highest quality products. Each fairy tile is 6x6 inches in size with an easel
back and hanger for wall display. It also features a black velvet backing to
prtect your walls and furniture. Each tile comes enclosed in a white gift box
perfect for gift giving!

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