Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Bride and Groom Fairies by Nene Thomas

Here comes the bride...

Here is a peek at Nene Thomas's New Bride and Groom Fairy ornaments. Are you planning a special Fairy Wedding? Then these would work great as wedding cake toppers! We have sold alot of these for that purpose. They would also be a great gift for an anniversary or to symbolize the first year you were married as an ornament for your Christmas tree. Buy these now at Enchanted Designs!

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Anonymous said...

My partner and I are looking for a pair of male fairies for our wedding cake. So far the only ones I've found are Nene's. I like them, but they're a little "goth" for my partner. Anyone know where I can find other male fairy grooms? Thanks. jcnkcmo@hotmail.com