Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Woodland Fairy Tutu Costume

Woodland Fairy Tutu Costume

Woodland Fairy Tutu Costume

Once upon a time in a land where emerald grass touched turquoise skies, this line was created for the whimsical princess in us all. A mother's desire to make dreams come true led to its creation. This artisan lets the princess in all of us live happily ever after. Inspired by her own little prima ballerinas, the perfect tutu was created. Handcrafted from over seventy yards of premium tulle and hand-embellished to create an heirloom your "dancer" or little "princess" will cherish forever.

A great designer piece that will serve as an everlasting heirloom. This refined fairy costume is full of fun and whimsy. Includes pixie cut multicolored tutu in shades of bright and light pink and lavender, flower bouquet, fairy crown and lavender wings. This exquisite tutu is handcrafted from over seventy yards of premium tulle. Leotard not included. Recommended ages 2-6 years. (P) {Please note: Wings are slightly smaller than pictured.}

$110.00 plus shipping. (This item is custom made for you.) To buy click on the picture above.


Celia Weatherley said...

Is the pink tutu pictured above still available to buy?