Monday, May 13, 2013

Pictures of How to Decorate with Fairies!

Pictures of How to Decorate with Fairies!
Calling all fairy collectors... I want pictures of your fairy and or mermaid collections!

What do you do with your fairies after you buy them? Do you display your fairies proudly after you collect them? Do you show them off in a china cabinet? On a shelf? On a table? What room of your house?

Your assignment is to take a picture of your collections and send them to me at please put "Fan Art" in the subject line. I will add them here to share with all like minded fairy lovers.
I look forward to seeing your lovely collections!

P.S. If you know of other fairy lovers please let them know also. We don't want them to miss out on the fun!

Fairy Collection by Mayra Rivera
Another Fairy Collection by Mayra Rivera
What a great way to display your Fairy Figurines! Thank you Mayra for the pictures!
Jennifer's Fairy Collection
More of Jennifer's Fairy Collection
Here are some pictures of Jennifer's large Fairy Collection. Thank you Jennifer for sharing!
Leanna's Fairy Collection of Fairy Prints
Leanna's fairy collection
Thank you Leanna! We like your great use of wall space.
Kathy's fairy collection
Kathy's fairy collection
Kathy's Fairy Collection
Thank you Kathy for the great pictures. I love how you made them their own little world, very detailed display!
Francesca Fairy Collection
Francesca Fairy Collection
Wow, Francesca you have an awesome collection of fairy figurines!