Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jennifer Nilsson Featured Artist Sept. 2008

About the Artist:

I am a mother of two great teen sons, the wife to the BEST hubby ever, the caregiver for our infant niece, the keeper of a menagerie of critters, and a child of God...the first and best creator of all!

I still live in the same small town I was raised in and although it has grown into a busy, noisy little place, I would have a hard time calling any other place home.

I love tang, pizza, puffin'corn...and every other 'not-so-healthy-snack' out there, but I'm working hard to change that. =)

I count my family and many friends among the sweetest blessings that God has ever given me!

And I credit several close artist friends for being a constant source of encouragement and for mentoring me along the way. Thank you Holly, Carmen, Lisa and Sara!

How it began:

My introduction to art and illustration came at an early age. As a young girl, summers were spent with my grandmother at her shop of handcrafted wonders in Eagles Mere, PA. An artist of portraits, landscapes, and needlepoint design, Gramma McHenry offered patient guidance and an abundance of encouragement, showing me that there was a magical world waiting in the mind of an artist and in the eye of the viewer and that talents were a God-given gift not to be wasted.

About the art:

The main bulk of my work is created with a mixture of watercolor, colored pencils and acrylics on either Stonehenge or Montval cold press. The paintings generally range in size from ACEO's (2.5"x3.5") to 8"x10", but I have worked larger and SMALLER.

Currently, on the drawing board, is a piece measuring 9"x21 1/8".

Mainly, my subjects fall into the fantasy realm...unicorns, dragons, fairies and mermaids and the beloved Mouser-kins™ , a character line that I have developed and am having great fun working with.

I also work as a freelance children 's illustrator, in various styles and mediums, for both print and online publications.

The only rule I like to follow when creating ANYTHING is that...the final piece...has to make someone SMILE!

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