Saturday, November 26, 2011

Amy Brown Fairy Diva's are 50% off for 1 day only!

For 1 day only you can get this Amy Brown fairy diva and many more at Enchanted Designs for 50% off our already reduced prices! These cute little fairy ornaments would make a great Christmas gift or turn any Christmas tree into a Whimsical one. I actually have several fairy divas and other vany ornaments on my tree at home. I like looking for the hard-to-find ornaments so my tree is unique. You could also use these to decorate a girls bedroom by attaching these to white latice that is suspended from the ceiling. I would twine flowered vines through it and use S-hooks to hang lots of fairy divas and give it a fantasy feel. There are so many uses for these fantastical ornaments, you are only limited by your imagination! Get yours before they are gone!