Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Fairy Box charity

The Fairy Box charity exists to help support ill children in hospital,their families, and the medical and nursing staff involved in their care.

At the heart of the charity’s work is the Fairy Box itself – a themed gift box which sits on the children’s wards and which is filled with small gifts of books, toys, and games - lovingly donated - so that parents, medical and nursing staff caring for ill children can have access to a gift to help dry the tears of a child who is feeling sad or blue in hospital – and so help them on the road to recovery. Medical and nursing staff are increasingly supportive of using the Fairy Box to help dry tears when a child has had to undergo a difficult or upsetting treatment.

When so many specialist services for seriously ill children are centralised in centres – sometimes many miles from home - it is not always possible for parents to have the means, time or access, to find a gift for their child to help them through a difficult period, especially when they may be on duty by their child’s bedside, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Fairy Box is inspired by the real-life story of how the ancient world of fairy found modern expression through a new world called the “internet” and, in so doing, helped to lift the spirits of a seriously ill child - over and over again - giving her new strength to endure another day of hospital treatment and so making that day a day closer to going home.

For some, believing in fairies may seem far away from the reality of childhood cancer, but for one seriously ill child, believing in fairies became a lifeline throughout long spells in hospital. Eleven-year-old Aimee Butler endured countless rounds of painful and exhausting cancer treatments, worrying infections and setbacks, as she lives with leukaemia.

Since coming into her life three years ago fairy artists and fairy enthusiasts who connected with her through the internet have brought new friends and companionship from all corners of the world who steadfastly and regularly support her.

Many fairy artists have been inspired by Aimee to create new works named after her or showing her fairy light. An especially stunning tribute was recently gifted to Aimee by the very talented UK fantasy artist Josephine Wall. This new work, entitled “Fairy Lights”, for Aimee symbolises all of the fairy love and support which has surrounded her and continues to support her today. See Josephine's work:
From Aimee’s experience, the Fairy Box charity seeks to open an enchanting doorway to bring more of this special magic to so many more ill children in hospital.
If you would like to support an existing, or help establish, a Fairy Box, please do get in touch. Email: