Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mermaid Themed Kitchen or Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you are like me, your kitchen is less than inspiring. I had an epiphany today about what to do with my bland kitchen. It is in the need for an update but like many other people, we have a limited budget. My love for mermaids and all things from the sea has brought me to this. In a perfect world I would love to paint my kitchen into an Underwater Mermaid World.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Ceiling: I think the ceiling would be cool painted as though I am on the ocean floor looking up to the waters surface above. The sunlight reflecting on the waves. Possibly a surfer going by on his surfboard.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Backsplash: My tiled backsplash would be sponge painted over with muted greens and blues. I would then go over it with a colored foil treatment to add sparkle and shine.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Counter: My counter top is a white printed formica (from the 70's). I would probaly paint it to look like a sandy destination, more natural (nothing solid). Now if I wanted to completely change out the counter top I might choose a light stained concrete with bits of sand or river rocks to have a more natural feel.
  • Mermaid Kitchen Lighting: Now this is the easy part... I envision a white sea shell encrusted chandalier above my dining area. Maybe I would drape foe seaweed from them as well (remember we are in an underwater world). The other lighting can be altered with sea shells and such also. Don't forget about under counter lighting... what about green or blue? Looking for a Mermaid Themed Nightlight? These are cool if you are looking for something unique.

  • Mermaid Kitchen Cabinets: I would probaly paint them in different hues of greens and blues. I think a mermaid or two would look awesome painted on them as well with a few under sea creatures to keep them company. Maybe a few sea turtles could keep them company. Dont' forget about the cabinets hardware... I have seen pewter sea shell knobs and drawer handles. They look like different sea shell types and starfish. Very Cool!

  • Mermaid Kitchen Wall Art: What mermaid world we be complete without the star of the show... more mermaids! I have seen mermaids sitting in wine glasses and lots of other great mermaid pictures to use for this room. My favorites are by David Delamare and Jade Bengco.

  • Mermaid Decor: Of course you would want lots of seashells, coral, fishnets, anything beachy. I suggest displaying a starfish or two in your window sill and placing lots of shells in glass bowls to further this natural beach theme.

  • Mermaid Bathroom: Here is a link for some great looking toilet handles with a nautical flair. They have mermaids, dolphins, lighthouses and etc...

  • Beach Cottage Dishes: Here is a link for some great looking sea shell and nautical dishes.


Anonymous said...

Was just reading your great mermaid ideas. Guess we are on the same wavelength.... I have three Jade Bengco mermaids for my Celtic green/white bathroom!