Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pirate Boys Bedding by Olive Kids

Your young swashbucklers will go overboard with Olive Kids Pirates products. A treasure chest full of gold, Pirate ships, maps and even sharks await those willing to venture into any room decorated with these pirate treasures!
Pirates, sailing ships, maps and treasures, what more could a kid ask for. Olive Kids Pirate bedding offers it all. There's a cast of pirate characters, from the Captain with a hook to the matey with an eyepatch. The ships are colorful with big masts and cannons. Pirate kids bedding is great for the beach house or sleepovers.
The comforter is a giant treasure map with sharks, whales islands with tresaure chests and a compass for lost adventurers. The Pirate kids bedding line has lots of kids room accessories to make your kids room a favorite destination!
This pirate bedding collection comes in a variety of sizes. They even carry todder bedding! Do you need all of the accessories to go with this bedding? Olive Kids carry wallpaper cutouts, framed prints, clocks, placemats and mush more!

Olive Kids bedding, wall art, and more

Click on any of the above pictures to view and purchase this whimsical pirate bedding!


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That's adorable!

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